Peter Horobin Parbery – A Dressage Revolution

Pre-orders are now available so be one of the first to experience the PH Parbery Saddle Call 03 5975 1055 to book your place in the production schedule now!

Peter Horobin Saddlery is committed to developing new ideas and innovations to improve the health, comfort and safety of both rider and horse, and are very excited to announce their newest saddle – The PH Parbery!

Designed by Peter Horobin and Brett Parbery, the PH Parbery reflects the expertise of a truly outstanding partnership.

Individually fitted, and numbered, the PH Parbery has been designed and crafted to provide superior fit and precision control for the dressage rider. It features cutting edge innovation and development based on research and experience and is hand made in Australia in the finest traditions of craftsmanship.

Brett Parbery is one of Australia’s highest respected riders. Brett, his family and supporters have all worked very hard to be where they are today. His ongoing achievements include the recent 3rd in the Grand Prix, 3rd in the Grand Prix Kur at CDN Rotterdam. 10 th in the Grand Prix,13 th in the Grand Prix Special and10th in the Grand Prix Kur in CHIO Aachen and recently 2 nd in the Grand Prix Special CDI 5 star Hickstead.

It will be fantastic to hear about Brett’s achievements at the World Cup in Kentucky, as well as his goals and hopes for the future. He has worked very hard with Peter on the PH Parbery saddle, so it will be definitely a great way to celebrate it in his honour!

The official launch pf the PH – Parbery saddle is at Equitana in Melbourne November 2010 – sthere is a special pre-launch “sneak peak” event also.

Sneak Peak – VIP Event – Celebrating 25 years in business! A Night with Brett Parbery & The PH Parbery!

On Friday the 12 th of November we will be holding a Special VIP Event for the celebration of being 25 years in business with the pre-launch of the PH Parbery Saddle – call 03 5975 1055 to book your place now!

You can meet Brett Parbery and Peter Horobin as well as enjoy the evening with entertainment, VIP specials, beverages and canapés. Brett will speak about his recent events (and successes) and share some “dressage tips” as well as seeing the NEW Showroom.

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