Horse Training with Self Control – article by Georgia Bruce

Probably the hardest thing for all horse trainers to learn, is to control our own ego and temper.
There is no such thing as a good horse trainer with a bad temper.

Horses have a great way of making people humble.

Don’t forget that in historical terms we are actually predators and the horse is a prey animal. So our natural instincts are in conflict with the natural instincts of the horse. We need to work very hard on ourselves to overcome this natural inclination.

If you are going to work with horses, there will come a time when the horse will teach you that losing your temper is one of the worst thing you can do. It will invariably set you back in your training, and make the horse tense and worried.

This is easy information to read and hard to put into practice. It takes maturity and self control to walk away when you feel that surge of anger rising within.

If you lose your temper, get angry and take your frustration out on the horse… It is a clear sign that you don’t know how to train a horse in that situation.

Anger is caused by fear… Fear and anger are a sign of a lack of knowledge. Once you have the information you need… There is no longer anything to fearful or angry about.

Understanding how horses learn, and the science of training, may take a lot of the mystery and confusion out of the process for both you and the horse.

It is my hope that through reading my book, you will discover some of the information you may have been missing. To help you train your horse in a wide variety of situations and circumstances.

Clicker training is a wonderful tool for teaching people to focus on the positive and have an attitude of gratitude for every effort your horse makes.


Georgia Bruce is from Kuranda in Far North Queensland.She has represented Australia in Dressage on eight occasions. Most recently at the 2008 Paralympic Games where she won two bronze medals riding Carolyn Lieutenant’s 18hh horse Victory Salute. Georgia also competes successfully in open dressage to FEI level as well as cutting, western events, horse sports, hacking and reining.

Georgia specializes in training young horses and retraining problem horses. She also gives lessons and clinics around Australia helping people to get the best out of their horse and achieve their goals.

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