Horse Biosecurity Glovebox Guide

The South Australian department of Primary Industries has issued a Horse Biosecurity Glovebox Guide.

This is an AWARENESS LEVEL guide to preparing yourself and your business for emergency disease outbreak. This guide is subordinate to both the AUSVETPLAN and any State Governmen Emergency Response Plan.

This guide seeks to raise awareness about
• Preparing yourself and your business for disease outbreak
• Reporting suspected disease outbreak
• What happens next

Success in managing a horse disease emergency response will depend on people being aware of the threats and taking acton to reduce or eliminate these threats.

In a suspected emergency response, it will be critcal to STOP horse movement, CONTROL people movement and ACTIVATE a response plan even while the suspect threat is being confrmed by laboratory testng.

The purpose of this guide is to raise awareness of Biosecurity related issues and acton plans, in order that you can plan to reduce, minimise or eliminate any efects on yourself or your business.

Download -> Horse Biosecurity Glovebox Guide

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