Georgia Bruce horse training club

Dual Bronze-medal winning Paralympian, Georgia Bruce, is pleased to announce her new Horse Training Club.

Georgia Bruce and an experienced team of Professionals are here to help you with technical advice, coaching, support and guidance.
They have all the educational material, information and support you need as well as the tools and the experience to guide you on a successful journey into true horsemanship in the 21st Century. They can provide guidance on all aspects of horse training, from the young or wild horse, right through to the elite performance horse. They can help you solve behaviour problems and even teach you how to analyse behaviours so that you can solve them yourself.

Horse Training .org will help improve your Dressage, Showing, Halter Classes, Western, Reining, Cutting, Horse Sports, Barrel Racing, Jumping, Eventing, Trail Riding, Endurance Riding, Liberty Horse Training, Trick Horse Training etc.

Horse Training .org is the Official Website of Georgia Bruce, FEI Rider, Clicker Training Expert and Dual Paralympic Bronze Medalist in Dressage.

Horse Training Club! Members Recieve:

  • Monthly Horse Training Newsletters
  • Horse Training Articles
  • Horse Training Tips and Info
  • Email Access to Georgia Bruce for personal horse training advice tailored to you and your horse!
  • All this for only $5 a month!

For more information or to join the Horse Training Club, visit

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