Clicker training your horse

How to Click With Your Horse
Clicker Training for Groundwork, Riding & Problem Solving

By Georgia Bruce

– 344 Pages, Large A4 Size Manual
– Over 900 Step-by-Step Photos and Diagrams

This Comprehensive Horse Training Manual Includes:
* The Behavioural Science Behind Horse Training – Written in Plain English that is Easy To Understand! (Finally a book that Explains this Clearly and Thoroughly!)
* The Nature of Horses and The 3 Ways Horses Learn (Understanding This Will Really Supercharge Your Horse Training Results!)
* How Clicker Training Works and Why it is So Effective with Horse Training
* How to Set Training Goals for Your Horse and Achieve Them!
* How to Catch a Young or Wild Horse and then Teach Them to Lead
* How to Introduce Clicker Training to Your Horse
* A Step by Step Training Plan for Training Your Horse from the Ground Up (How To Turn Your Young, Wild or Problem Horse into Your Dream Horse!)
* Extensive Groundwork Exercises with the Clicker
* How to Make Your Horse Bombproof, Unflappable, Quiet and Calm
* Train Your Horse to Load and Unload Calmly from a Horse Float or Truck (4 Methods for Solving Problem Loaders)
* Train Your Horse To Have Their Feet Picked Up and Filed (Cure Kicking!)
* How to Prepare Your Young Horse for Riding
* Starting Your Young Horse Under Saddle (A Calm and Quiet First Ride!)
* Teach Your Horse to Go, Stop, Turn and Yield in Response to Super Light Aids
* Horse Training in The Saddle with the Clicker
* Step By Step Riding Program to Create a Soft, Responsive, Obedient Horse
* Liberty Horse Training (Training Your Horse With No Strings/Ropes Attached!)
* How to Solve Problem Behaviours and Retrain Your Difficult Horse
* AND MUCH, MUCH MORE…..This book is like a Horse Training Encyclopedia!!

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