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Fleabane (Conyza spp.) There are three main species of fleabane in Australia, namely C. bonariensis (flaxleaf fleabane), C. canadensis (Canadian fleabane) and C. sumatrensis (tall fleabane). Of the three species, flaxleaf fleabane is the most common across Australia. Flaxleaf fleabane can … Continue reading

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plants poisonous to horses

Many plants that grow in Australia are potentially poisonous to horses. Such plants can cause considerable economic and welfare problems for horse owners. Under most circumstances, horses will avoid consuming toxic amounts of poisonous plants. However, some poisonous plants are … Continue reading

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St John’s Wort

St John’s Wort is rather pretty, having a ferny ground cover and a tall stem of small yellow flowers. In medieval times it was favoured as a herb for treating dysentery, rheumatism, gout and hypochondria, and as a charm against … Continue reading

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Skeleton weed

Skeleton weed (Chondrilla juncea) – often also called ‘mustard weed’ it is a relative of mustard, canola and brocolli. In Australia, skeleton weed is a relatively long-lived perennial, although it is regarded as a biennial or a pauciennial in its … Continue reading

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Capeweed is an autumn-germinating plant, and seedlings are found only occasionally at other times of the year. Seedlings normally appear, depending on rainfall and other conditions, from late February through to late April. The actual period during which germination occurs … Continue reading

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Paterson’s Curse

The ability of this weed to spread rampantly throughout pasture, its particularly toxic nature and the difficulty of eradicating it, indeed makes it a curse. There are two plants that are commonly called Paterson’s Curse and both belong to the … Continue reading

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Flatweed / Catsear

Due to the long drought which has in recent months been punctuated with some good falls of rains in some areas, has unfortunately produced conditions “ideal” for the onset of stringhalt. There are large numbers of horses affected at the … Continue reading

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Blackberry Nightshade

Blackberry nightshade is a variable bushy annual or short-lived perennial herb to 80 cm high. Stems green to purple. Leaves 3–8 (rarely to 13) cm long, 2–5 (rarely to 7) cm wide, dark green, ovate-lanceolate, margins undulate, entire or shallowly-lobed; … Continue reading

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